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January 6, 2016 / singingquilter

Carla’s Finished Quilt

I am so happy to share with you a picture of Carla’s quilt.  She has been working hard at this and the results are spectacular!  I love the richness of the red sashing, which pulls the whole thing together, and makes all that yellow sing.

She says she’s very happy with the result, too!

Carla finished quilt

November 19, 2015 / singingquilter

Block of the Monther sightings!

Hi everyone. John and I are in Texas just finishing up a tour down here.  It’s been a great month!

In the course of our travels, I’ve met at least one of the Block of the Month participants.  Tanya brought her blocks to the Nassau Bay Lakeview Quilters’ Guild.  She’s been very busy with her bright blocks (you may have already seen them on the Facebook page).  Wow – so exciting to see them!  She’s talking about keeping things a bit calm in the sashing when she adds it – black.  That will set off the blocks beautifully.

002 Tanya Smith and her blocks small

Also, I wanted to share with you Mary Goodin’s blocks.  She’s finished them, and she just sent a picture of them on her bed.  I love this one too, and it’s totally different from Tanya’s.  Both beautiful.

Thanks, you two, for sharing your work and for doing this Block of the Month!

Mary Goodin blocks finished

October 21, 2015 / singingquilter

Star and Plume sighting in Humble Texas!

Tonight John and I sang for the Peace by Piecing Quilt Guild in Humble Texas, just north of Houston.  We felt very welcome there, and they were wonderful to sing to.  AND I also got to meet one of the Block of the Month-ers: Karen, and she brought her blocks!

I had let everyone who is making the quilt in Texas know I was coming and that I’d love to see their blocks. I’m so glad Karen showed up to let me know she’s making them and enjoying the process.  (Even if you’ve made most of them since you found out I was coming to visit, Karen !!! LOL)

Karen and me before the guild meeting started, looking at her great blocks!

Karen and I before the guild meeting started, checking out her great blocks!

Hole in the Barn Door and Broken Dishes - great colours!

Hole in the Barn Door and Broken Dishes – great colours!

Sue on her way to get married with pearls and a white dress.  Very stylish.

Sue on her way to get married with pearls on her hat and a white dress. Very stylish.

The top half of her blocks.

The top half of her blocks.

The other half of her blocks.

The other half of her blocks.

Karen has done a huge amount of work, in a very short time.  I think she said she had only 7 of them made before I let her know I’d be coming.  Since then, she’s been very busy!  She told me she’s learned a lot, and is no longer afraid of either mitred corners or curved piecing.  This is a huge accomplishment.

I love her colours, and they’ll fit together very well.  We talked a bit about sashing, and I think she might be looking at a warm colour, but nothing too “in your face” – the blocks still need to be dominant, and we all know that warm colours tend to look like they’re closer than cool ones..  She’s going to bring the blocks to her local quilt shop for consultation when it’s time to pick the sashing fabric.

So – how are YOUR blocks coming along?  Please feel free to send me pictures so I can share with everyone else what you’ve done.

July 28, 2015 / singingquilter

Another month, another reveal

Ruth has just sent her blocks for this month (month 2, for the newest group). just in the nick of time before the next patterns are sent. Remember she’s the one who made a whole quilt last month from the first block: Puss in the Corner?  Well, she’s done it again!

Here’s what she had to say about her work this month:

I enjoyed making both blocks this month. I’d made a “Hole in the Barn Door” quilt twice before, but I prefer Cathy’s pattern. My points were actually pointy with this pattern! In fact, I liked it so much that I enlarged the block and made a charity quilt from my abundant collection of lobster prints.

Ruth's Anvil block

Ruth’s Anvil block

Ruth's Hole in the Barn Door block

Ruth’s Hole in the Barn Door block

Ruth's Whole Hole in the Barn Door quilt!

Ruth’s Whole Hole in the Barn Door quilt!

Great work again, Ruth!  So here’s my question:  WHY do you have so many lobster prints?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Watch your inbox on Wednesday for Month 3 patterns (Card Trick and Log Cabin) – we’re flying to Ontario on the 30th and I’m pretty sure I won’t have time to send the patterns, so I’ll send them early.

As always, feel free to send me your pictures so that I can add them to the blog.

July 18, 2015 / singingquilter

It Feels So Good To Get It Done!

I know you are working hard on the blocks for this quilt!  Depending on where you are in the process (at the very beginning, or past the end or somewhere in between) it probably feels like you’re NEVER going to get it done!  But I am here to tell you that today I heard from the FIRST ONE TO COMPLETE the quilt top!

Lorna is from the first group that started May 1st, 2013.  She lives in Ontario Canada and has been working hard on this – as well as a full sized Double Wedding Ring quilt.  She has just sent me pictures of both of these quilts (and here I thought the DWR was the hardest block and should be left for last……!)

Lorna with her finished top!

Lorna with her finished top!

During the last two years Lorna has sent a couple of other pictures in progress too, notably one of blocks on her design wall a while ago.  I’m thrilled beyond belief that she has finished the top.  She will be quilting it herself, as soon as she completes the Double Wedding Ring (below) for an upcoming fall wedding.

Lorna's Double Wedding Ring

Lorna’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Here’s what she told me about the whole process:

“I have really enjoyed this experience.  This is the first time I have done a BOM by email.  Having just two blocks a month wasn’t overwhelming.  It was fun anticipating what blocks would come the next month.  Hope you offer a similar project in the future.
“Thanks again for all your hard work and devotion.  I had fun and learned a lot.
“PS  Sunbonnet Sue’s Wedding Dress is made from fabric from my Niece’s wedding dress and the Double Wedding Ring block uses scraps from the Wedding Ring quilt I am currently making.”
Lorna is planning to have her Star and Plume quilt ready for the Dufferin Piecemakers’ Guild Show (Orangeville, ON) in October 2016.
Congratulations Lorna on a job well done.  Thanks for sharing your success with us.
July 7, 2015 / singingquilter

The blocks finish at 9″

Ruth has just asked a question and I thought I’d answer it for all.

Each of the blocks you’ll be making FINISH at 9 inches – that means your (unfinished) block will be 9 1/2″, allowing for 1/4″ seam allowances on all sides.

Let me know any other questions you might have, and I’ll try to answer them!


June 30, 2015 / singingquilter

First month reveal!

I’ve just heard from Ruth who is just starting out her quilt in the group that began on June 1st.  She has her colour choices made, blocks finished and she even made a lot of extra blocks because she liked it so much!  I’ll let her tell you herself:

“When I heard Cathy’s presentation at our Washington State Quilter’s meeting in Spokane, I laughed until my sides ached. Especially funny, I thought, was the Sunbonnet Sue ballad and the wonderful quilt displayed while she sang. Now, I get to make that very quilt myself (though I’ll never sing the ballad quite the way she did). I’ve chosen my three colors (red, yellow and blue, with white as needed), and I’ve completed the first two blocks. Such fun! I did the easiest Puss in the Corner, and I liked it so much that I enlarged the pattern and made a whole quilt top, which I’ll donate to charity. I had no idea it would look so cute!

Ruth's Puss in the Corner block in blue and white.

Ruth’s Puss in the Corner block in blue and white.

She liked it so much that she made a whole bunch more!

She liked it so much that she made a whole bunch more!

“For my Hatchet block, I tried to find the scariest print in my stash. Cathy recommended some kind of zigzag, but I didn’t have that. Instead, I found a lot of lobsters fabric (don’t even ask!). To me, lobsters are scary creatures, so they’re on my hatchet blades. If Sunbonnet Sue needs to attack the slasher guy, she can pinch him with a lobster claw!”

Ruth Danner Indian Hatchet

Thanks for sending the pictures, Ruth. I love the lobsters!!! Ooooh – scary!

Ruth has not been able to get onto the blog as an Author – nor has anyone else – so I’m exploring another way of doing this.  Is everyone on Facebook?  Maybe I could start a group there.  Email me with your thoughts on this, if you have a preference.